HATEWATCH: HEADLINES FOR 8/4/2016 – 8/5/2016

Hatewatch Staff

August 05, 2016

Trump’s toxic legacy will live on past Election Day; Whites waking up to realities of racism; Roof assaulted in Charleston jail; and more.


Foreign Policy: Even if Donald Trump loses in November, his toxic legacy of reviving white nationalism will live on.

Crooks and Liars: Protesters hold up pocket Constitutions at Trump rally, are jeered with chants of ‘USA! USA!’

Washington Post: Why some whites are waking up to the realities of modern-day racism in America.

Right Wing Watch: John Birch Society continues its comeback from the fringe with Values Voters Summit sponsorship.

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Dylann Roof assaulted in county jail, sheriff cites officer complacency.

Grand Junction Sentinel (CO): Latino woman’s video of white woman’s verbal assault on her ‘wetback’ family goes viral.

Raw Story: Paul Ryan’s pro-Trump challenger says it’s time to consider deporting every Muslim, including citizens.

KPCC-FM (Pasadena, CA): Reported anti-LGBT hate crimes increasing in Orange County.

Associated Press: Federal judge plans three days for jury selection in Malheur militiamen’s September trial.

Media Matters: NRA ‘highly recommends’ racist newsletter that frequently defended slavery.

KSNT-TV (Wichita, KS): Petition demanding investigation of Kris Kobach’s handling of voter registration ruled valid.

Hatewatch Staff
August 04, 2016

1963 Birmingham church bomber denied parole; Trump is now the Infowars candidate; Idaho tells women to use ‘clinics’ for ultrasounds; and more.


Montgomery Advertiser (AL): Klansman who is last surviving perpetrator of 1963 church bombing is denied parole.

Right Wing Watch: As the InfoWars candidate, Donald Trump has become a gigantic conduit for conspiracist disinformation.

New York Times: Voices from the crowds, collected by reporters, paints a disturbing portrait of Trump rallies.

Media Matters: Alex Jones suggests that crying baby at Trump rally was ‘probably a plant.’

Access ADL: Anti-Muslim extremists launch disgraceful attacks on the family of an American hero.

Think Progress: Idaho tells pregnant women to get ultrasounds at anti-abortion ‘clinics.’

The Daily Times (Farmington, NM): Gay man claims he was brutally beaten by man who shouted anti-LGBT epithets.

Raw Story: Black firefighter’s upstate New York home burns down two days after racist threat to resign ‘or regret it.’

Associated Press: Search reveals that DHS analyst caught with guns at work also had bomb components in his home.

WFAA-TV (Fort Worth, TX): Racist rant delivered to North Texas cable customers, company quickly yanks it and apologizes.

The Times (Houma, LA): Local cops refute KKK fliers, saying they don’t need their help.

Tablet: Oberlin College places Professor Joy Karega on paid leave while her anti-Semitic rantings and writings are investigated.

AlterNet: Islamophobia’s impact on students in our schools is both deep and disturbing.



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