Hatewatch Staff

July 29, 2016

Duke may face GOP limitations; Russian trolls posed as Trump fans; Kansas mom loses custody of kids who sang at Malheur; and more.


The Times-Picayune (New Orleans): Louisiana GOP considers restrictions aimed at limiting David Duke’s reach.

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA): State police arrest Baton Rouge man for posting videos threatening Duke, officers.

Business Insider: It looks like Russia hired Internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans online.

Right Wing Watch: Bryan Fischer proclaims that ‘it is not possible for homosexual behavior to be a constitutional or moral or ethical or legal right.’

KPAX-TV (Missoula, MT): Hamilton man gets death threats after social-media rumors suggest his building might house refugees.

Raw Story: Militia goon threatens to shoot Pennsylvania cops who arrested his teen son on heroin charges.

Jackson Free Press (MS): Mississippi’s relentless pursuit of the LGBT community reflected in draconian ‘religious freedom’ law.

NBC Washington: Homeland Security employee pleads not guilty to charges he brought a gun to workplace.

WDRB-TV (Louisville, KY): Indiana woman awakens to find racist threats scrawled on building, car on property.

Media Matters: Watch an immigration expert tear apart Fox Business’s Bartiromo’s right-wing talking points.

Kansas City Star: Kansas mom whose children sang at Malheur standoff loses custody after abuse charges surface.

Seattle Times: Congressional candidate says cops racially profiled him after paper’s editorial claimed he criticized opponent for being white.


Hatewatch Staff
July 27, 2016

Trump’s denunciations of Duke don’t hold water; Railroad workers push for white hires; Thiel backs out of nationalist event; and more.


Huffington Post: Donald Trump’s denunciations of former KKK leader David Duke don’t hold water anymore.

BuzzFeed: Duke says Trump left the door open to supporting his candidacy later down the road.

Raw Story: Racists light up social media with hate-filled posts after #MothersoftheMovement appear at DNC.

Media Matters: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly rebukes Michelle Obama for speech, saying White House slaves were ‘well fed.’

Omaha World-Herald: Union Pacific workers’ group shares flier urging advancement of white men, chairman rebukes them.

AlterNet: Five insane theories promoted by Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracist, Alex Jones.

Houston Chronicle: Tampering charges dismissed against Planned Parenthood videographers.

LGBTQ Nation: American pastor expelled from Russia because he’s not anti-gay enough.

Huffington Post: Trump’s top tech backer, Peter Thiel, opts out of attending ‘white nationalist friendly’ event.

Talking Points Memo: The black woman who led the fight against Jim Crow, and why no one has heard of her.

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