Hatewatch Staff

July 15, 2016

Far right’s momentum is growing; Trump invites Clarke to speak in Cleveland; Minneapolis cops’ far-right ties; and more.


Political Research Associates: The time is ripe for change, and that’s why we can’t ignore the momentum of the radical right.

The Daily Beast: The Ku Klux Klan is recruiting in San Francisco.

Talking Points Memo: Oregon occupier David Fry blows up at pretrial release hearing, shouts at judge.

Right Wing Watch: Donald Trump invites antigovernment extremist Sheriff David Clarke to speak at GOP convention.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Federal indictment of Dylann Roof lacks key element, judge rules.

WJBK-TV (Detroit): Police seek man seen pointing gun at LGBT person in Twitter video – and his victim too.

JoeMyGod: Hatemongering American pastor Steven Anderson is shut down in attempts to preach in South Africa.

Raw Story: Gun store worker menaces reporter for covering Confederate flag put up by his boss.

Gizmodo: Homemaking with Nazis, or the bizarre underbelly of racist hate websites,

AlterNet: Minneapolis officials don’t seem to care whether their police officers have connections to white-power groups.

The Root: The 10 types of hate mail every black writer on the Internet receives.

Think Progress: Everything you need to know about the roster of extremists who will highlight the Republican National Convention.


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