Kametra Barbour and four little children who were out for a drive with her had an experience they will never forget while traveling in Forney, Texas in 2014.

This innocent Black woman was out with her four children going down the road minding their business in August, 2014, when all hell was unleashed upon them. They were attacked and terrorized by the race soldiers even though they were given descriptions of the vehicle and suspects that was dispatched to all police cruiser drivers.

But, what did these race soldiers do?

Disregarded the APB of a “tan/beige Toyota, with four Black males waving guns out the windows”, and zeroed in on this family because they were Black and for that reason alone.

Now I ask you, in the following video, what color is the car in the video?

Does not look tan/beige to me.

The little frightened and terrified innocent children coming out of the vehicle with tears in their eyes, asking are they going to be arrested, are now traumatized from this brutality from these racist race soldiers.

Guns drawn. Screaming and yelling voices that caused fear in the lady and the little children:   Ms. Barbour’s two children and two godchildren – ages 6, 8, 9 and 10.

“On Facebook, Barbour said she was still shaken by the incident. She said she sat down with her children and had a “heart to heart lesson about how your life can change in a matter of seconds,” reports the station.”

Oh yeah, your life sure can change in a matter of seconds when you have race soldiers gunning for you even though they have been given ample information in a call-in on suspects whose descriptions are no where near the family the race soldiers stopped.

And what do these beings do after the inferno they put this family through.

They gave a piss-poor apology as if that’s all that is needed after coming close to destroying these innocent children and their mother/godmother.

“In her post, Barbour went on to say how proud she was of her children and said they had learned to not to be “bitter or angry” and instead “stay calm” in a situation such as the one they found themselves in.”

Good for her to have a bigger heart than these monsters who gave not a damn about this family. Good that she instilled into them to make no sudden moves when set upon the way they were. Nothing good comes from that but a mass of bullet holes shot center mass, even if they are little Black children.



Ms. Barbour and her children deserves better than to be ground into the earth by those who have nothing but hatred and venom towards all Black American women and their children.

But, it is not surprising that this has happened.

Who are we Black women to think that anyone gives a damn or a flying fuck about us?

Who are we Black women to think that life will ever be free from the hatred and defilement of the garbage that has been heaped upon us for so long by the weak and monstrous?

Who are we to have the nerve to think that we deserve not to be mistreated?

Who indeed.


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