By Hate

June 23, 2016

LGBT group says Trump is courting haters; ‘Make America White Again’ sign causes stir; DHS analyst arrested, suspected of planning rampage; and more.


The Hill: Nation’s largest LGBT organization accuses Donald Trump of courting hate groups.

WRCB-TV (Chattanooga, TN): Trump-loving Tennessee congressional candidate stirs an uproar with his ‘Make America White Again’ billboard.

Raw Story: Tattooed Trump bro defends himself after video rant goes viral, saying whites are ‘the only race you can discriminate against.’

The Daily Beast: Twitter trolls are reporting pro-LGBT Muslim women to their governments, where punishment can mean death.

Access ADL: Homeland Security analyst arrested for weapons, suspected of plotting massacre, had history of antigovernment opinions.

Salon: Newscaster fired for bigoted remarks about black men now claims she’s the victim of racism.

Newsweek: Brutal murder busts up Aryan Brotherhood in Mississippi.

Times Argus (Barre, VT): Aryan Brotherhood lieutenant sentenced to 10 years in prison on drugs, weapons charges.

Vice: Soldiers of Odin, Europe’s notorious anti-immigration group, beginning to form cells in Canada.

Crooks and Liars: Radical Islamists and the American far right, cousins of the terrorist kind.

Right Wing Watch: AFA’s Sandy Rios suggests Trump supporters carry AR-15s to defend themselves against protesters.


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