Hatewatch Staff

June 15, 2016

Trump helps fuel ISIS recruitment; Ugly responses to Orlando massacre bubble up; On the road with far-right candidate Fiore; and more.


Salon: With their Orlando response, Trump and the ‘alt-right’ are playing right into the hands of ISIS and its extremist recruitment.

Vice: The Orlando shooting didn’t stop the anti-LGBT protest in Los Angeles at annual pride parade.

Slate: Motives of Indiana man arrested in L.A. with guns, chemicals near site of gay-pride parade are still unclear.

The Slowly Boiled Frog: According to noted homophobe Cliff Kincaid, it’s all the SPLC’s fault that Orlando shooting happened.

Dead State: Arizona Christian pastor doesn’t think the massacre in an Orlando LGBT club was so bad.

Washington Post: California pastor says ‘the tragedy is that more of’ the gay Orlando victims ‘didn’t die.’

Right Wing Watch: Theodore Shoebat complains that Orlando shooting meant vigilantes were doing ‘the state’s job’ to ‘kill Sodomites.’

AL.com: Alabama’s Baldwin County tells federal officials looking to relocate immigrant children that ‘You’re not welcome.’

BuzzFeed: On the road with America’s most radical pro-gun, antigovernment congressional candidate, Michele Fiore.

Associated Press: Virginia white supremacist convicted in church attack plot gets nine-year prison sentence.

Ebony: Why so-called ‘religious freedom’ laws used for LGBT discrimination also hurt people of color.

Think Progress: Thanks to Focus on the Family, school districts across the country are violating church-state separation.

Pro Publica: Why are hate-crimes statistics so poorly tracked?

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