Hatewatch Staff
June 09, 2016

Dylann Roof trial scheduled for November; Gaffney warns of BLM/liberal/Islamist axis; Cathedral to scrap Confederate flag stained-glass windows; and more.


The New York Times: November trial scheduled for Dylann Roof in Charleston church rampage.

Media Matters: CNN’s Donald Trump spokesman Jeffrey Lord hits a new low with election-night meltdown.

Right Wing Watch: Frank Gaffney warns that the Black Lives Matter/liberal/Islamist axis is working together to destroy America.

The New Civil Rights Movement: ‘Supergirl’ actor says his cousin has been forcibly enrolled in ‘ex-gay’ therapy.

Wichita Eagle (KS): Kris Kobach wants undocumented immigrants picked up at protests, legislative hearings.

Review-Journal (Las Vegas): Memorial honors two police officers, civilian killed in 2014 shooting rampage by ‘Patriots’.

Brooklyn Paper (NY): Contrite bar owner says skinhead gathering ‘destroyed our reputation.’

Talking Points Memo: National Cathedral to scrap Confederate flag in stained-glass windows.

Think Progress: Minnesota Republican attacks her opponent for being LGBT and ‘half black.’

Raw Story: Impatient Georgia man yells racial epithets at 82-year-old woman, then rams her car.


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