Hatewatch Staff

May 26, 2016

Black student raped in small Idaho town; White nationalists eye a Trump regime; Bundy prosecutors ask for confidentiality; and more.

Washington Post: White high school football players in small Idaho town charged in coat-hanger-rape of black, disabled teammate.

Right Wing Watch: Leading white nationalist predicts a Trump Administration would be stacked with ‘people who think the way we do.’

Imagine 2050: Muslim lawmakers call out the rampant Islamophobia in the 2016 election cycle – and it’s bigger than Trump.

Seattle Times: Former SeaTac city manager wanted a ‘tactical map’ of Muslims in community, investigation finds.

Think Progress: GOP congressman tries to hijack civil rights movement language to destroy anti-poverty programs.

Oregonian: Cliven Bundy prosecutors want some evidence kept confidential to protect witnesses, court officials.

Slate: LinkedIn called me a white nationalist, because I happened to share a name with one.

The Stranger: Evangelical suburban Seattle church funding anti-trans voter initiative tells believers ‘It ain’t over.’

Raw Story: California ice cream shop owner shuts down anti-Muslim bigot, and it’s all caught on video.

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