Hatewatch Staff

April 21, 2016

Mack’s plan to ‘set our nation free’; Trump surrogate calls Obama a ‘coon’; Tennessee may defund college’s diversity office; and more.


Center for Public Integrity: Former sheriff Richard Mack has a plan to ‘set our nation free’ one law enforcement officer at a time.

The Hill: Donald Trump retweets yet another white supremacist.

Think Progress: Trump’s New York surrogate, Carl Paladino, uses a racial slur to describe President Obama.

Talking Points Memo: Tennessee lawmakers move to defund university’s diversity office.

Northwest Indiana Times: Indiana Senate study committee takes a nasty anti-immigrant tone, thanks to Kris Kobach.

Media Matters: Fox contributor Bo Dietl opines that ‘we are being raped in this country by illegal aliens.’

Review-Journal (Las Vegas): Larry Klayman once again turned away in his bid to act as Cliven Bundy’s attorney.

Raw Story: Right-wing Twitter trolls are boiling in a stew of hatred over Harriet Tubman’s visage on the $20 bill.

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA): Convicted neo-Nazi killer David Freeman to get new sentence in killing of parents.

Right Wing Watch: Ted Cruz adviser Jerry Boykin falls for Internet hoaxes about ‘Sharia courts’ in Texas and Michigan.

Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA): Woman charged with hate crime in attempted murder of transgender woman.


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