Saturn’s Moons Could Be Young

Sky & Telescope

Planetary scientists increasingly think that some of the ringed giant’s moons are only 100 million years old.

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$100 Million for Fast Probes to Alpha Centauri. Yes, Really.

Sky & Telescope

Yuri Milner commits $100 million to Breakthrough Starshot, a research and development project toward sending interstellar nanoprobes to Alpha Centauri.

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NASA’s Kepler Spacecraft Recovered from Emergency Mode

Sky & Telescope

The Kepler team unexpectedly found the planet-hunting spacecraft in emergency mode on April 7th, but with the spacecraft recovered, hopes are high that its newest search, this time for rogue planets, is still on.

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This Week’s Sky at a Glance, April 15 – 23

Sky & Telescope

The Moon this evening forms a gently curving row with, to its left, Regulus and then bright Jupiter, as shown at left.

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How to Spot Mercury in the Evening Sky

Sky & Telescope

If you’ve never seen this fleet-footed planet, now is a great time to look for it in the evening sky after sunset.

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Are You Game for April’s Lunar Observing Challenge?

Sky & Telescope

With astronomy being celebrated around the globe this month, join the fun by participating in a unique lunar observing challenge: track down 20 features once thought to show evidence of change from weather, geology, and even life.

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Tour April’s Sky: Morning & Evening Planets

Sky & Telescope

This month’s astronomy podcast takes you on a guided tour of the night sky. You’ll find Mars and Saturn near each other before dawn, while Jupiter and Mercury join the fading constellations of winter in the evening sky after sunset.

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At the 25th Northeast Astronomy Forum

Sky & Telescope

Thousands attended last weekend’s astronomy forum, which featured Pluto, astronomy equipment galore, and S&T readers who never fail to inspire.

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