Hatewatch Staff

April 15, 2016

Liberty Counsel behind ‘bathroom bills’; Guns becoming more common in extremist violence; Veteran takes on anti-Muslim hate speech; and more.


CBS News: Anti-LGBT hate group Liberty Counsel is behind new ‘bathroom bills’ in 20 states.

Friendly Atheist: Tennessee Republican who sponsored anti-trans ‘bathroom bill’ is found to be ‘risk to unsuspecting women.’

Media Matters: How journalists are grappling with the rampant ‘bathroom bill’ misinformation in North Carolina.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-choice leader expands on Trump positions, suggests punishing abortion ‘accomplices.’

Access ADL: Firearms are increasingly the weapon of choice in extremist-related killings.

Think Progress: Veteran takes on hate speech against Muslims, says ‘it’s unacceptable, it’s un-American.’

Esquire: As we saw in Wisconsin, voter-suppression bills are all about making voting so difficult that people give up.

Raw Story: White councilman freaks out on black colleague for attending Kentucky Black Caucus event.

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee): Extremist sheriff David Clarke plans to appeal ruling that he turn over immigration records.


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