Hatewatch Staff

April 01, 2016

Bundy, others fight move to Nevada; Mississippi bill would allow church militias; Nugent posts fake, racist meme; and more.


The Oregonian: Ammon Bundy, four co-defendants mount legal fight to prevent transfer to Nevada.

Review-Journal (Las Vegas): Pete Santilli, key defendant in Bunkerville standoff, pleads not guilty.

Salon: Mississippi Senate passes bill allowing churches to guard services with their own militias.

AlterNet: How Trump wannabees across the country are waging a state-by-state stealth war against refugee rights.

Media Matters: Ted Nugent posts racist, fake ‘2 Niggers and a Stolen Truck’ meme, claims it’s a real business.

SC Now (Columbia, S.C.): ‘Sovereign citizens’ sentenced to nine years in prison for variety of tax-fraud charges.

Right Wing Watch: Right-wing pundit claims Muslim-Americans will soon have the right to murder and rape as they please.

New York Daily News: Muslim woman, 20, slashed by blade-wielding man in Manhattan who calls her a ‘terrorist.’

Think Progress: This artist uses her work to hold a mirror up to American Islamophobia.

The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA): Dubuque man convicted of federal hate crime for brutal assault on black man.


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