No Indictment for Officers Who Killed Jamar Clark

Black Lives Matter and other activists prepare for protests.

Let’s Kill Them With Kindness

It’s very necessary for people to condemn the Islamophobia that spikes after terror attacks such as the ones in Brussels. But when non-Muslims claim that “tolerating” Muslim Americans protects everyone from Islamist terrorism, they feed into an insidious idea that all people who practice Islam are ticking time bombs.

Amandla Stenberg Will Star in Black Lives Matter-Inspired Movie

The film will be adapted from Angela Thomas’ debut YA novel “The Hate U Give.”


New Study Says Immigrants Fuel American Innovation

Microsoft Chatbot’s Racist Tirade Proves That Twitter Is Basically Trash

11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Signs Deal to Sell Her Lemonade in Whole Foods Stores

WATCH: ‘Concerned Student 1950’ is a New Doc From Mizzou Students About Being #BlackOnCampus

POLL: Half of Americans Support Proposed Islamophobic Policies

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