Hatewatch Staff

March 17, 2016

First-time Trump voters show off white power tats; Deputies disciplined in assault by Trump supporter; Republicans played a role in Malheur; and more.


Gawker: PBS news story on first-time Trump voters prominently displays longtime white power tattoos.

Right Wing Watch: David Duke says Donald Trump’s surge may rehabilitate the image of Adolf Hitler.

The Nation: Trump’s storm troopers and the possibility of American fascism.

Raw Story: Racist voters cost Trump two Illinois delegates with ‘foreign’ sounding names.

WRAL-TV (North Carolina): Man assaulted by Trump supporter lauds discipline of Cumberland County deputies for their responses.

Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Triple homicide may have been a hate crime, but bringing the enhanced charge is difficult in such cases.

Times-News (Twin Falls, ID): Legislators aligned with Bundy cause lead way as Idaho House committee OKs controversial lands bills.

Oregon Public Broadcasting: Republican politicians planned and participated in key aspects of Malheur refuge takeover.

Las Vegas Sun: Rep. Michelle Fiore says Oregon occupiers were just campers who were victimized by the federal government.


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