Hatewatch Staff

March 11, 2016

Bundy goes sovereign citizen in his court hearing; KKK leader praises Trump; Puerto Rico judge says gay-marriage ruling doesn’t apply; and more.


Register Guard (Eugene, OR): Cliven Bundy refuses in court to recognize authority of U.S. government in Nevada.

Raw Story: Protesters demanding Bundy’s freedom descend on court hearing in Las Vegas.

Media Matters: KKK leader Thom Robb praises Donald Trump for saying things ‘many, many people agree with.’

Crooks and Liars: Trump supporter who punched black protester says ‘we might have to kill him next time.’

Talking Points Memo: Trump explains rally violence by noting that his supporters have ‘anger that’s unbelievable.’

Think Progress: Trump stands by his incendiary claim that most of the world’s Muslims ‘hate us.’

11 Alive (Atlanta): Ad uses KKK to criticize Georgia lawmaker, push for new candidate.

Buzzfeed: Federal judge rules that Puerto Rico’s gay-marriage ban still valid, Supreme Court ruling doesn’t apply there.

Patriot Ledger (Boston): Massachusetts high court to hear appeal from white supremacist convicted in dual murders.

Right Wing Watch: Rep. Louie Gohmert says Obama’s ‘hate crimes’ against Christians invite God’s judgment.

Crosscut: When Nazis walked the streets of Seattle.



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