Hatewatch Staff

March 04, 2016

The contemporary KKK and what it does; Kentucky looking harder at neo-Nazi attacks; Trump’s historic roots lie with Bilbo; and more.


Right Wing Watch: CPAC welcomes back conspiracy theorists – and not just Donald Trump.

Raw Story: Kentucky cops expand probe into ‘scary’ neo-Nazi attacks at Trump rally.

Public Radio International: Leader of anti-Muslim hate group believes Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has gone too far.

Media Matters: White nationalist show’s syndicator threatens to release emails proving Trump camp lied about interview.

New York Daily News: Wannabe Marine discharged after videos reveal his ugly role in attacking protester at Trump rally.

History News Network: The unrepentant racist Theodore Bilbo created the roadmap for Trump’s angry campaign.

AlterNet: Meet the Texas abortion provider who refuses to cave in to anti-choice extremists.

Think Progress: The most radical anti-trans ballot initiative ever submitted goes to Washington state voters.

Herald-Dispatch (Huntington, W.V.): Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers found outside dozens of Milton homes.

SF Weekly: Anaheim Klansman is jobless, part Jewish, and lives with mom in ritzy San Francisco home.



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