Hatewatch Staff
February 04, 2016

Ready being investigated at time of shootings; Chicago fraternity’s racist underside revealed; Anti-Indian activists set down new roots; and more.


Phoenix New Times: Arizona police agency was investigating neo-Nazi J.T. Ready at the time of his 2012 shooting rampage.

Raw Story: Far-right ‘Christian’ activist Theodore Shoebat claims Jesus would personally beat LGBT people to death.

Crooks and Liars: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry narrowly escapes an attack on night of Iowa caucuses.

BuzzFeed: Leaked racist emails reveal ‘toxic’ culture at University of Chicago fraternity.

The Guardian (UK): Hate-group law firm Liberty Counsel leaps into action to defend Planned Parenthood videographers.

JoeMyGod: Harlem hate pastor says ‘fags’ will have babies out their posteriors before he’ll let them have his church.

Think Progress: How a combination of racism and anti-tax fervor laid the groundwork for the Flint water crisis.

IREHR: Bigoted nationalism opens year in new Montana home for anti-Native American group CERA.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA): Second suspect set to plead guilty in white-supremacist robbery conspiracy.

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Dylann Roof’s friend, charged as accessory, asks for trial delay to review evidence.

Talking Points Memo: Group wants Confederate flag installed near campus of mostly-black Alabama State University.


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