Hatewatch Staff
January 21, 2016

Oregon governor, newspaper call for end to standoff; Glenn Beck joins Ted Cruz on the campaign trail; Fox watcher threatens to kill Muslims; and more.



Talking Points Memo: Will the Oregon militiamen ever be brought to justice?

Associated Press: Oregon governor calls on federal authorities to bring an end to extremists’ occupation of refuge.

Oregonian: Editorial: At the refuge, it’s time to pull the plug.

Christian Science Monitor: Conservation groups hold rallies around Oregon urging end to Malheur occupation.

Media Matters: Glenn Beck joins Ted Cruz’s long list of extremist media endorsers.

Huffington Post: Man charged with federal hate crime in anti-LGBT assault at Amazon facility in Virginia.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins claims Ronald Reagan would never have negotiated with Iran.

WFTV-TV (Orlando, FL): Ad attacking Walt Disney World’s use of foreign workers has ties to anti-immigrant hate group FAIR.

Billings Gazette (MT): Trial postponed for Kalispell man accused of threatening children, Jewish leaders.

Salon: California man threatened to shoot up Muslim civil-rights group after watching Fox News for a week.

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