Spotting “Twins” of Superstar Eta Carinae

Astronomers are looking for clones of a massive and famously unstable star in the southern sky.

New Clues Emerging for How to Cook Up Stars and Planets

Using a powerful radio-telescope array, astronomers have gotten a peek at 100 star systems forming in a vast interstellar cloud. The observations reveal tantalizing clues about their origin.

Telltale Shock Waves from Runaway Stars

Infrared-sensitive telescopes are finding dozens of fast-moving runaway stars by searching for the bow shocks they create in interstellar gas and dust.

CubeSats: Future Solar System Explorers?

An innovative and tiny thruster design could prove the future of interplanetary exploration with the tiny satellites known as CubeSats.


Picking Plums in the Galactic Anticenter

During winter in the Northern Hemisphere, we face the Milky Way’s anticenter — a little-explored region offering goodies for telescopes both large and small.

This Week’s Sky at a Glance,January 8 – 16

Early risers can see a parade of bright planets — including a super-close pairing of Venus and Saturn before dawn on January 9th.


“Strongman” Aussie Amateur Discovers Dwarf Galaxy

All amateur Michael Sidonio wanted was a pretty astro-image of the spiral galaxy NGC 253. What he got instead was credit for discovering a rare dwarf galaxy hovering nearby.

Solar System Featured on New U.S. Postage Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled new stamps, to be issued later this year, that feature 10 solar-system objects — including Pluto.


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