Hatewatch Staff
December 11, 2015

Trump spurs white-supremacist surge; Muslim family’s windows being smashed nightly; Steve King embraces Infowars theory; and more.


Politico: Donald Trump inspires a surge in membership, activity for white-supremacist groups.

Vice: We asked white supremacist Richard Spencer what he thinks of Trump: ‘I never expected him to be this radical.’

Raw Story: Texans begin nightly smashing of windows of Muslim family only six weeks after moving into neighborhood.

BuzzFeed: South Carolina military college suspends cadets after appearing in social-media posts wearing white hoods.

Think Progress: Ted Cruz endorses far-right pastor’s plan to ‘rescue’ black people from sexual immorality.

MSNBC: Carly Fiorina courts the same fringe group behind Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

Media Matters: Chris Hayes calls out Rep. Steve King for repeating a conspiracy theory promoted by Alex Jones’ Infowars.

Right Wing Watch: FRC’s Tony Perkins claims ‘only 16 percent of Islam is religion,’ so immigration ban isn’t a ‘religious test on Muslims.’


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