How the media abet FRC’s Perkins; ‘Oath Keeper’ threatens to arrest senator; Latina lawmaker’s ‘English only’ protest cut off; and more.


Hatewatch Staff
September 24, 2015

Media Matters: How the mainstream media are helping hate-group leader Tony Perkins gain political power.

Roll Call: Self-proclaimed ‘Oath Keeper’ Jon Ritzenheimer threatens to arrest Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., over Iran deal.

Salon: Ted Cruz’s father is even more frightening in his extremist views than Ted Cruz.

Associated Press: Judge sends ex-KKK leader back to prison for violating release terms of cross-burning sentence.

Right Wing Watch: Iowa talk-show host Mickelson promotes hoary 16th Amendment conspiracy theory.

City Paper (Charleston, SC): African-German filmmaker heads South to examine hate groups face-to-face.

Raw Story: Virginia man convicted of harassing black neighbors with racist ‘scarecrow’ after Charleston killings.

KIVI-TV (Twin Falls, ID): Wilder school board ignores protest, rules student can’t bring Confederate flag to academy.

Huffington Post: Pennsylvania’s only Latina lawmaker has her mike cut off while arguing against ‘English-only’ legislation.

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