Dylann Roof cohort arrested by FBI; Facebook rant on race forces retirement; Anti-Indian activists on the rise in Montana; and more.


The State (Charleston, S.C.): Friend of Dylann Roof arrested by FBI for his role in church massacre.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-Muslim extremist Frank Gaffney says Texas boy’s homemade clock was very suspicious indeed.

Policy.Mic: Texas police violated Ahmed Mohamed’s civil rights by keeping him from his parents and a lawyer.

Raw Story: Kim Davis inspires N.C. mayoral candidate to opine: ‘What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals?’

New Times (San Luis Obispo, CA): Anti-LGBT activist with history of incendiary remarks scheduled to speak to GOP luncheon.

Toward Freedom: In new documentary Welcome to Leith, the schemes of small-town Nazis turn local folks into ardent anti-fascists.

Fusion: North Carolina police chief forced to retire after Facebook rant calling Black Lives Matter ‘terrorists’ surfaces.

New York Daily News: Woman sitting with her mother assaulted by group shouting anti-gay slurs as they passed by restaurant.

IREHR: Anti-Indian activism accelerates in Montana as key group announces regional conference in Kalispell.

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