Robotic Flyers: The Future of Space Exploration?

Quadcopters, the four-propeller drones that have become a familiar sight in terrestrial skies, could one day grace the skies of other worlds.

Direct-Image Discovery of a Young Jupiter

The Gemini Planet Imager has discovered its first exoplanet, a young Jupiter still glowing with the heat of its formation.

New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbors & Dark-Sky Sanctuaries at the IAU

Keck Telescopes

As the IAU General Assembly in Hawai’i draws to a close, the results were still coming in: a new bevy of dwarf galaxies discovered around the Milky Way, the celebration of the first Dark-Sky Sanctuary, and a new directly imaged exoplanet to boot.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, August 21 – 29

Watch the fattening Moon swing away from Saturn in this week’s twilight sky. And if you can find dark skies, August is a perfect time to explore the Milky Way, which runs from Sagittarius in the south, through the Summer Triangle very high in the east, and on down through Cassiopeia to Perseus rising low in the north-northeast.

Tiptoe Into the Twilight Zone

Twilight. Gloaming. Dusk. Blue Hour – all names for that colorful and contemplative time between day and night. We explore twilight’s brief but fascinating sights and learn why it gets shorter as summer turns to fall.

Tour August’s Sky (PODCAST)

The Perseids meteor shower may be over but August still offers magnificent views of Scorpius and Saturn in the south.


The Kavli Foundation Q&A: Jupiter-like Exoplanet 51 Eridani b

Learn more about the new Jupiter-like exoplanet in this interview with team leader Bruce Macintosh, who discusses why this discovery might help us understand how planets arise.

The Kavli Foundation Q&A: What Ignites Type Ia Supernova Explosions?

We finally know the ingredients that fire up a particular kind of supernova. Four researchers explain why a better understanding of how certain stars die can help reveal the evolution of the cosmos and its galaxies.

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