The Glint of Martian Glass

Scientists have detected glass in Martian craters, created by the fierce heat of impacts that melted the Red Planet’s surface.

Between Galaxies: Lonely Supernovae

Researchers confirm that three solitary stars have gone supernova in intergalactic space.

Kapteyn b: Exoplanet or Illusion?

Recent research casts doubt on whether nearby Kapteyn b, a supposed super-Earth circling in its star’s habitable zone, is a planet at all.

Close-Up of Saturn’s Moon Hyperion

On May 31st, the Cassini spacecraft flew by Saturn’s funky moon Hyperion. The resulting images highlight the moon’s unusually pocked surface.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, June 12 – 20

With summer just three days away, the Summer Triangle now stands high and proud in the east after dark. And the Venus-Jupiter pairing is growing ever more striking in the west at dusk as they near their June 30th conjunction.

What Can You See Through Baade’s Window?

Cobwebs of cosmic dust limit how far we can see into the Milky Way’s hub, but Baade’s Window offers a rare glimpse into the stellar riches that await us there.

Tour June’s Sky: An Epic Planet Pairing

Watch as the two brightest planets — Venus and Jupiter — edge closer together and culminate on June 30th with a dramatically close pairing.


Observing at the Diffraction Limit

It was the opportunity of a lifetime: astronomer Jared Males stepped to the eyepiece to see stars as Hubble does, without atmospheric distortion.

Visit Iceland and Shoot the Northern Lights!

Sky & Telescope‘s third annual trip to Iceland, this time accompanied by Equipment Editor Sean Walker, provides a fantastic opportunity to photograph the aurora borealis.


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