Global vaccination targets off-track

22 April 2015 — Progress towards global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off-track with 1 in 5 children still missing out on routine life-saving immunizations that could avert 1.5 million deaths each year from preventable diseases. In the lead-up to World Immunization Week 2015 (24 -30 April), WHO is calling for renewed efforts to get progress back on course.

World Immunization Week 2015: Close the immunization gap

A child being vaccinated.


The World Immunization Week, which will be held from 24-30 April 2015, will signal a renewed global, regional, and national effort to accelerate action to increase awareness and demand for immunization by communities, and improve vaccination delivery services. This year’s campaign focuses on closing the immunization gap and reaching equity in immunization levels as outlined in the Global Vaccine Action Plan, which is a framework to prevent millions of deaths by 2020 through universal access to vaccines for people in all communities.

Keeping Syrian children free from polio at home and across the border

20 April 2015 – The four-year-long armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic has driven millions of families from their homes. WHO is working with public health authorities and partners to ensure Syrian children – whether still in their home country or living in camps across the border in Jordan – are immunized against polio. During World Immunization Week, hundreds of thousands of children in both countries will be immunized.

Immunization: Closing the gap on pneumonia in Kenya

Neema in front of her house in Kenya

WHO/M Pflanz

April 2015 — As World Immunization Week approaches, WHO reports on Kenya’s successes preventing deaths from pneumonia among babies and young children through national implementation of the PCV-10 vaccine. A mother in Kilifi tells the story of her daughter’s near-fatal episode of pneumonia and how her younger children were protected through immunization.

fact buffet

65 countries

65 countries must reach 90% national vaccination coverage with DTP3 by 2015.

Fact sheet on immunization coverage

16%of children are not being immunized against measles.

Fact sheet on measles

24 countriesmust eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by end-2015

Maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination

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