Tomorrow, March 27, 2015, is the 20th anniversary of the biggest hate site on the Internet.

The following are links from the Southern Poverty Law Center website with a timeline on the most racist and hateful group on the Internet today.



Stormfront: Spreading Hate Worldwide

Tomorrow marks 20 years that the white supremacist web site Stormfront has been serving up all forms of hate to its racialist and often violent audience. To mark this occasion, Hatewatch will be running a series of stories about the hate site, its activities, its principals and its funders.

We start today with an exposé about Stormfront radio, which the site’s founder Stephen “Don” Black launched about a year ago on the Rense Radio Network. Beamed into hundreds of thousands of homes across North American and Europe, Stormfront radio is now one of the largest purveyors of hate propaganda in the world.

READ: Stormfront Radio: Racists in Space

VIDEO: 20 Years Of Online Hate


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More on Stormfront:

An interactive timeline of Don Black and Stormfront

Read our report on Stormfront: White Homicide Worldwide

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