By Hatewatch Staff on March 20, 2015 – 8:52 am

CNN: FBI investigating death of African-American man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi.

Media Matters: Bill O’Reilly resorts to string of anti-Semitic tropes in making attack on George Soros.

Arizona Republic: Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits to contempt of court in racial-profiling case, offers to make public acknowledgement.

SFGate: California initiative calling for homosexuals to be shot will likely be presented to voters.

Talking Points Memo: In interview on Fox News, white parents condemn Black History Month at their child’s school.

Gawker: New op-ed writer for New York Times has a colorful history of associations with far-right, racist publications.

DiversityInc: Missouri’s lieutenant governor says Justice Department is ‘staffed with Marxists and black radicals.’

New York Daily News: Aryan Brotherhood member reportedly threatens to kill O.J. Simpson in Nevada prison for cutting in line.

OC Weekly: Neo-Nazis try to turn St. Patrick’s Day concert into a brawl, but band drop-kicks them off the stage.


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