Lots of Lunar Layers Under Chang’e 3

A radar sounder aboard China’s first-ever lunar lander found at least nine discrete subsurface layers at its landing site in northern Mare Imbrium.

Dawn Orbiter Reaches Dwarf Planet Ceres

The long-distance traveler has arrived at the first dwarf planet (and largest asteroid) ever studied by spacecraft.

New Stars Form in the Shadow of a Black Hole

New observations suggest that several dozen low-mass stars, and eventually perhaps even planets, are forming just 2 light-years from our galaxy’s supermassive black hole.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, March 13 – 21

Mark the change of seasons with the Big Dipper and the constellation Cassiopeia, and enjoy bright Venus and Jupiter in the evening skies.

Catch Comet Lovejoy in Cassiopeia

Still bright and easier than ever to find, Comet Lovejoy continues to delight skywatchers. Watch as it cuts through Cassiopeia this week.

March 20th’s Arctic Solar Eclipse

When the Moon next covers the Sun, on the equinox, its hard-to-reach path will include the North Pole but very little land.

Tour March’s Sky: The Stars of Orion’s Belt

As we transition between seasons, Orion rides high in the evening sky — easily found by spotting the row of three bright stars in his Belt.


Witness the Northern Lights with S&T

Join Sky & Telescope in Iceland to see fascinating geology, a unique culture — and best of all, a chance to see auroras.


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