Cepheids Map the Milky Way — And Beyond

Cepheid variable stars are helping astronomers see what our galaxy looks like from within.

Tempest in the Teacup Galaxy

New observations of the Teacup Galaxy show that even black holes with wimpy radio jets can quench a galaxy’s star formation.

Deep Fried Comet Ice

Scientists studying ice in the lab say comets’ soft cores and hard exteriors have much in common with a particular dessert.


Venus and Mars Pair Tightly at Dusk

Look west TONIGHT for a strikingly close pairing of Venus, Mars, and the crescent Moon.

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 20 – 28

While you’re out observing the tight conjunction, you might want to take a stop by Jupiter to observe some mutual events among its moons. The Pleiades and Hyades clusters also star on these wintry evenings.

The Pleasures of Keeping an Astro Journal

Keeping a record of what you see in the telescope is not only fun but helps grow your observing skills. Learn how to start a journal and see how other amateurs keep theirs.

Comet Lovejoy Shines On

Moonless evening skies last only until around February 23rd, so follow Comet Lovejoy high overhead while you still can. The comet has been fading more slowly than expected. Use our February finder chart.

Astronomy Podcast: Tour February’s Sky

Orion is riding high in the south as darkness settles in. See what other February stargazing sights await.


Introducing Sky & Telescope‘s Earth Globe

Satellite imagery, oceanography, and other datasets come together to show our home planet from mountaintop to ocean bottom.

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