Super-Saturn Ring Gap Reveals Potential Exomoon

Astronomers have confirmed that the star J1407 seems to have a companion with a gigantic ring system, inside which an “exomoon” might be forming.

Cosmic Inflation Signal Just Dust

The long-awaited analysis of spiral polarization patterns called B-modes affirms that these signals, purportedly from the universe’s early spurt of inflationary growth, are probably from dust in our galaxy instead.

Yellowballs: A New View of Star Formation

Thanks to the help of the general public, astronomers have discovered a new signature marking a hidden phase of star formation.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance, February 6 – 14

Bright Venus and faint little Mars inch closer together every evening as the approach their February 21st conjunction. Orion reveals his splendors high in the southeastern sky after dusk.

The King Holds Court: Jupiter at Opposition 

Jupiter reaches opposition on February 6, 2015. Find out how to see the planet king at its best.

How to See and Shoot the Zodiacal Light

The ethereal zodiacal light returns to view this month. Learn how to see and photograph it with your digital camera.

Tour February’s Sky: Two Conjunctions

Some of the prettiest nighttime sights involve the close pairing of two solar-system bodies, and February features events with the Moon and Jupiter, then Venus and Mars.


Microbes and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Watch a Kavli Foundation Q&A with two astrobiologists who discuss the search for life beyond Earth.


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