Targeting Crisis Averted for New Horizons
NASA scientists have found three potential Kuiper belt objects in the nick of time, saving the Pluto-bound probe from missing out on half of its mission.

NASA’s IRIS Finds Solar Tornadoes, Bombs, and More
New IRIS results show a Sun rife with twisting and snapping magnetic fields, data that will elicit clues on what bakes the puzzlingly hot corona.

Spacecraft Observe Comet Siding Spring
Although flight controllers were worried that Mars-orbiting spacecraft might be harmed by the comet’s close approach, nothing happened – and unique scientific observations are now streaming back to Earth.


Dark Skies for 2014’s Orionid Meteor Shower
The Orionid shower is a long-lasting display of meteors that peaks about October 21st. With moonlight not a factor, an observer under clear dark skies might see an Orionid every 5 minutes in the hours before dawn.

Huge Sunspot Group Now in View
A gigantic cluster of sunspots, emerging into view on October 17th, could become the trigger point for potent solar storms.

How Many Pleiades Can YOU See?
Most of us are familiar with the Seven Sisters, but have you met their brothers? Learn how to find more Pleiades than first meet the eye.

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 24 – November 1
Some daily sky sights among the ever-changing stars and planets.


Partial Solar Eclipse Roundup
Readers share their experiences of the October 23, 2014 partial solar eclipse.

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