Citizen Scientists Probe Early Galaxies
New data collected by Galaxy Zoo show early galaxies with central bars, providing implications about how galaxies grow.

Mergers Create Disk Galaxies
Observations from several radio telescopes reveal that, when two galaxies merge, their progeny often have gaseous disks — a hypothesis that before now didn’t have solid observational evidence.


Wake Up to a Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8, 2014
Start your day with an eclipse of the full Moon! On the morning of October 8, 2014, a total lunar eclipse will be visible across most of North America.

Tour October’s Sky: Pegasus Flies High!
October is always pleasant for observing the night sky because evenings are cool and come relatively early. Use our downloadable stargazing podcast to find all the month’s highlights.

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 3 – 11
Some daily celestial sights among the ever-changing stars and planets.

Fomalhaut – A Crazy-Wide Triple Star
Lonely Fomalhaut turns out to have plenty of company. Learn how to find its two remarkably distant stellar companions.


Find Clubs and Events Near You
Astronomy is often best enjoyed with other people. Explore our listings for clubs, star parties, and other public outreach events to find out more about the many ways you can become more involved in the astro community.



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