Latest News

The Most Distant Milky Way Stars

Astronomers have discovered two stars that lie more than 700,000 light-years from Earth, making them the most distant stellar members of our galaxy ever detected.

Mysterious X-rays Might Hint at Dark Matter

A weird spike in X-ray emission from galaxy clusters has some astronomers turning to dark matter for answers.

Observing Highlights

This Week’s Sky at a Glance: July 11 – 19

If you’re willing to get up very early, you’ll catch a beautiful pairing of Venus and Mercury in the pre-dawn twilight. Also, test your evening eyesight by looking for doubles in Scorpius.

See Summer’s Best Naked-Eye Double Stars

Here’s a guide to some double stars — both real and coincidentally aligned — that you can split using just your eyes on warm summer nights.

Super-Close Pairing of Ceres and Vesta

You can still spot the rare close approach in the sky of two sizable asteroids, Ceres (the biggest of all) and Vesta (the brightest).

Tour July’s Sky: Astronomy Podcast

On this month’s guided tour of the night sky, you’ll be torn between staying up late in the evening (to see Mars and Saturn) and getting up super early (Venus and Mercury).


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