Latest News

The Planet That Is No More

A new analysis confirms that an exoplanet thought to orbit in the habitable zone of the star Gliese 581 actually doesn’t exist.

Gas Streamer Eclipses AGN

Astronomers have detected a high-speed, long-lasting gas streamer spewing from the active galactic nucleus of NGC 5548.

Black Hole Trio Found

Astronomers have discovered that one member of a pair of supermassive black holes is actually a pair itself, turning the system into the most distant black hole triplet yet detected and raising hopes for future discoveries.

Observing Highlights

This Week’s Sky at a Glance: July 4 – 12

Mars, Spica, Saturn, and the Moon dance in the evening sky this week. And if you have a telescope, check out double star Bootis 44.

Two Moon-Planet Conjunctions Juice Up July

On July 5th, the Moon has a remarkably close brush with Mars, followed two nights later by a similar rendezvous with Saturn.

Super-Close Pairing of Ceres and Vesta

It’s rare that two sizable asteroids pair together in the sky as closely as Ceres (the biggest of all) and Vesta (the brightest) in early July.

Tour July’s Sky: Moon Hugs Mars and Saturn

On this month’s guided tour of the night sky, you’ll be torn between staying up late in the evening (to see Mars and Saturn) and getting up super early (Venus and Mercury).

Community News

It’s Star Party Season!

Whether you’re a seasoned observer or a novice, star parties provide the perfect opportunity to kick back and enjoy the night sky – take a look and see what star parties are in your area.



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