NASA Amassing Targets for Asteroid Mission

Despite skepticism from scientists and politicians alike, NASA is proceeding with its asteroid redirect mission and has found six candidates for exploration so far.

Sea Changes on Saturnian Moon

Fleeting radar features in a sea in Titan’s northern hemisphere are a tantalizing possibility of seasonal changes.

Shadow of a Supervoid

Scientists might have discovered the source of the mysterious Cold Spot in the Cosmic Microwave Background: an enormous supervoid.

Titan Sheds Light on Alien Atmospheres

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, played a cameo as an exoplanet, allowing astronomers to better understand how a thick layer of haze or clouds might affect their observations of more distant alien worlds.

Rosetta’s Comet Sleeps Again

The comet being chased by the long-traveling spacecraft only woke briefly before starting another nap.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance: June 27 – July 5

Show your friends Mars, Spica, and the Moon as you’re waiting for the fireworks on July 4th! And for the ambitious, look for Ceres and Vesta approaching each other in the night sky.

Iapetus Comes Over to the Bright Side

Saturn’s strange, two-faced moon will be positioned well west of Saturn — and shining its brightest — during the next two weeks.

Tour July’s Sky: Moon Hugs Mars and Saturn

On this month’s guided tour of the night sky, you’ll be torn between staying up late in the evening (to see Mars and Saturn) and getting up super early (Venus and Mercury).


Govert Schilling Wins AAS’s Schramm Award

Sky & Telescope’s contributing editor Govert Schilling has been selected as the winner of the 2014 David N. Schramm Award.

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