A MAD New Way to Make Black Hole Jets

Newly published observations provide the first real evidence supporting a theory that tells us how black hole jets form.

Kepler: Revived and Working Again

NASA’s crippled planet-hunting spacecraft has been reworked for at least two years of productive new explorations.

Two Ancient Exoplanets Discovered

Kapteyn’s star — a nearby star that likely formed outside this galaxy — hosts two planets more than twice as old as Earth.


This Week’s Sky at a Glance: June 13 – 21

As we approach the summer solstice, gaze at Mars and Spica in the evening sky this weekend, and plan some deep-sky hunts once the Moon is out of the way later in the week.

Comet PanSTARRS Keeps Getting Better

Since C/2012 K1’s discovery two years ago, this first-time visitor from the outer solar system has brightened steadily and is now within reach of a small telescope and even binoculars.

Tour June’s Sky: Three Planets In View

Days are longest and nights shortest during June. But you can still get an eyeful of celestial sights with Kelly Beatty’s guided audio tour.


NEAF 2014 Product Videos Are Here!

Watch in-depth videos from some of the top vendors at the 2014 Northeast Astronomy Forum and find details about new products and featured equipment.

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