You visit a blog and see a discussion going on that peaks your interest. You join in the conversation about the day’s topic which just happens to be about racism. You give your two cents worth, then, bam! pow! blammo! here it comes:

“I’m colorblind.”

“Reverse racism!” Blacks can be racist too!

“I’m not racist, because I have a black friend-lover-husband-co-worker-shoe shine man….etc.”

Challenging and discussing racism brings out the worst in those Whites who believe in a so-called post-racial America.

One person has addressed this all too common scenario with an excellent article on the 28 ways that discussions of race can be derailed.

Developed and written by Debra Leigh, an organizer with the Community Anti-Racism Education Initiative at St Cloud State University in Minnesota, the handout takes on the many forms of derailment that occur when the privilege and habitus of whiteness rears its head in the forms of white guilt, white denial and white defensiveness.




To read more on the handout, click the following link:    “28 Common Racist Attitudes and Behaviors”

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