Observing Highlights

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, May 23 – 31

Find links to follow and view Saturday morning’s shower, and for the ambitious, we have finder charts for Comet LINEAR/209P, the source of Saturday’s meteors, at its closest approach. For the rest of us, the planets are in fine form both at dawn and dusk.

Ready for This Weekend’s Meteor Shower?

Dim, obscure periodic Comet 209P/LINEAR is about to pass close to Earth — and bring with it a trail of debris that could make for an exciting meteor shower in May, during the predawn hours of the 24th.

How to Shoot Meteors

This weekend’s potential for a decent display of shooting stars might tempt you to try your hand at meteor photography. Here are some techniques to help you on your way.

Tour May’s Sky: Evening Planets Align

Take the audio tour of tonight’s sky with senior contributing editor J. Kelly Beatty and find the four planets strung like jewels along the ecliptic.

Latest News

Spotting a Nearby Quasar’s Winds

A neighboring galaxy’s central black hole powers strong winds, allowing astronomers — for the first time — to spot those gales pushing out star-forming gas.

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