Comedienne Leslie Jones of Saturday Night Live has brought a lot of hell down on herself with the skit she performed this past Saturday, May 3, 2014, on NBC’s SNL, as discussed in the following The Root article  here.



Three things come to mind after viewing what she said:

“But back in the slave days, my love life would have been better,” Jones said.”


…..during slavery (and why does no one [comics, et. al.] acknowledge Reconstruction and segregation?) all of the following would have been something Ms. Jones would have looked forward to:


I live in the 21ST Century and in no way would I compare what Black women who suffered through slavery, the destruction of Reconstruction, and Jane Crow neo-slavery/segregation as a “love life”.

A love life involves someone giving a damn about your humanity. Someone who would not spit on, defecate on, or urinate on your  humanity and womanhood.

As for popping up babies for Massa and Missus, those children would not have been hers. Their births would have damned them to a living hell.

Ask Margaret Garner, okay, Ms. Jones:


Black women had such great love lives back then.

It was a non-stop love fest:  rape; incest (White fathers raping their own Black/bi-racial daughters); beatings and mutilations by the White slave mistress; malnutrition; worked to death; pregnancies every year to where the enslaved Black women’s bodies suffered from horrific gynecological terrors (hey, ask Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy):


That is just naming a few of the “dating scenes” so many, many Black women endured.


Every woman should be loved so much.


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  1. Anne

    I love your bitingly accurate response to Leslie Jones’s nonsensical skit about slavery which callously compared the forced breeding between black men and black women to a love life. It’s bad enough seeing and reading the accounts of some condescending white folks who think they’re entitled to tell us how we should feel about everything. One big jewel is how we’re “oversensitive” about slavery. What’s worse, though, is the ignorance of some black folks who should know better defending her idiocy. I have always said that the teaching of American history was whitewashed to favor whites. That’s why so many of them can say the most clueless and condescending things about slavery and Jim Crow. But what’s even worse are the black folks among us who cosign this ignorant buffoonery in the name of racial loyalty. The attitudes of both these groups are a testament to Americans’ collective ignorance about American history, of which Black history is an inseparable part.

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