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Hidden Treasures in Hubble Images

A new processing technique has revealed once-invisible planetary disks encircling five stars imaged in Hubble’s archive.

Exoplanet Out for a Quick Spin

Astronomers have used a new technique to measure — for the first time — the spin of an extrasolar planet.

Meet the Sun’s Chilly New Neighbor

Infrared observations have uncovered a cool brown dwarf that’s only about 7 light-years away. The object is one of the closest stellar systems to the Sun and the coolest brown dwarf yet discovered.

Observing Highlights

This Week’s Sky at a Glance, May 2 – 10

The crescent Moon shines in the evening skies this week near Betelgeuse and Jupiter. And keep an eye out for the Eta Aquariid meteor shower on Tuesday morning.

See Splendid Saturn at Its Best

Your first view of Saturn with a telescope can introduce you to the riches of stargazing — and now is the perfect time to observe it.

Eta Aquariid Meteors in 2014

Seen each year in early May, the Eta Aquariid meteors are spawned by none other than Halley’s Comet. This shower is best seen before dawn’s first light.

Tour May’s Sky: Evening Planets Align

May opens with the Moon just making its entrance into the evening sky and four planets strung along the ecliptic. Download our mp3 and head outside to take a guided tour of this month’s sky with senior contributing editor J. Kelly Beatty.


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