USGS Astrogeology Science Center / Wheaton / NASA / JPL-Caltech

Unveiling Ganymede

February 14, 2014                                                                | Get an eyeful of the solar system’s largest moon — a world of ancient, crater-packed plains and broad swaths of younger grooved terrain that defies easy explanation. > read more

Curiosity Navigates the Crossroads

February 12, 2014                                                                | NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory — Curiosity — has successfully crossed a sand dune standing between the rover and its final science destination. > read more

New Splat on Mars

February 11, 2014                                                                | NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE camera captured this stunning image of a fresh impact on the Martian surface. > read more

Shedding Light on Circumbinary Systems

February 10, 2014                                                                | Astronomers are beginning to understand the unlikely formation and dangerous survival of exoplanets circling binary stars.  > read more


Magnitude 11.3 and rising...

S&T: Dennis di Cicco

Supernova in M82 Passes Its Peak

February 14, 2014                                                                | Supernova 2014J, in the galaxy M82 in Ursa Major, peaked at magnitude 10.5 in early February and is now down to 10.9. Spot it with your telescope above the Big Dipper. > read more

Ceres and Vesta in 2014

February 4, 2014                                                                | The two brightest asteroids are very close to each other in the sky in 2014, fitting in a single field of view through binoculars and some telescopes. > read more

Tour February’s Sky by Eye and Ear!

January 31, 2014                                                                  | Jupiter is well up in the east as darkness falls, surrounded by a cohort of bright winter stars and constellations. > read more


Jean Texereau

David Vernet

Jean Texereau, Master Optician

February 11, 2014                                                                | In France, one of the giants of telescope making has died. He shared his years of professional experience with amateurs around the world.  > read more

This Week’s Sky at a Glance

This Week’s Sky at a Glance

February 14, 2014                                                                  | Jupiter shines high in evening, Mars and Saturn follow up late, and Venus blazes at its brightest as the Morning Star at dawn. > read more

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