Profanity-Laced Video Shows ‘Patrol’ That Led to Craig Cobb’s Menacing Charge

By Don Terry on December 10, 2013 – 3:58 pm

As he sits in a mental health ward in a state hospital in North Dakota, Craig Cobb, the neo-Nazi who recently discovered on national television that he is 14 percent black, must be thinking there’s no loyalty among thieves – or his fellow racists.

The white nationalists at the Occidental Dissent website posted two silly and embarrassing 13-minute YouTube videos today of Cobb and his racist acolyte and roommate, Kynan Dutton, “patrolling” the streets of Leith, N.D., the tiny town Cobb had hoped to turn into a white enclave.

The videos are tagged on the Occidental site as “humor,” probably because there was no category for “pathetic.”

Dutton’s wife, Deborah, shot the videos on Nov. 16, on a smartphone, as she followed the men, who were both armed with rifles, wandering the unpaved streets of Leith. The patrol came to a halt as Cobb shouted at a woman, calling her “a fucking cunt” and at a man he damned as a “son-of-a-bitch Christian.”

At least Dutton, a 29-year-old ex-soldier, was dressed for the part in black boots and camouflage pants. Cobb, on the other hand, looked like he was running to the store for some milk for his cat. The 62-year-old racist had on jeans, a windbreaker, white socks and black sandals.

“Hey, fuck you with your double-talk Christian shit, man,” Cobb shouts at a resident watching the armed men walk through the town, population 16. “You act like a man. You go up there and tell the rest of them to comport themselves with some goddamned dignity. Fuck you. You fucking kike, Jew cocker sucker.”

“I can only control my own behavior,” the man responds. “I can’t control what everyone else does.”

“I can control mine, too,” Cobb says. “I’m not shooting you, am I? Fuck you.”

“This is called protection,” Dutton’s wife pipes in. “We have a legal right.”

“Do you think this is going to win people over to what you’re trying to do?” the resident asks.

“Hey, listen asshole,” Cobb shouts back. “I’m one of the most famous racists in the world, you son of a bitch. Don’t talk to me about winning people over.”

“I know you are,” the resident says. “But I’m asking, do you think this is going to win people over?

“Jackasses like you, we don’t care,” Cobb says. “You’re a tool of the kikes. You understand. You’re deceived up in your own brain. You think you’re really somebody. Fuck you and your fucking pie-in-the sky, spooks-in-the-sky crap.”

Cobb rants on and eventually the man says, “I pray for you everyday.”

“Fuck you,” Cobb says. “That’s your way of putting me down, you shithole.”

“It is not,” the man replies. “I pray for myself everyday.”

As the patrol continues, Cobb and Dutton discuss their response if attacked by neighbors opposed to Cobb turning their town into a racist outpost on the prairie. Cobb claimed that he and Dutton started patrolling the town because of acts of violence and harassment directed at them, though that appears to  have been imagined.

“I tell you,” Cobb says in the video, “the way it’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do come attack us at some point.”

“Well, good,” Dutton says. “I’ve been meaning to get some target practice.”

“Be sure they fire the first shot,” Cobb says. “They have to fire the first shot.”

“I fire the second one,” Dutton agrees.

“Maybe the second and third,” Cobb says.

As the patrol began, Deborah Dutton did a voiceover.

“This is Mr. Cobb,” she said, “and my lover, Kynan Dutton, patrolling with sexy-ass guns.

“Stop the hate.”

It turned out to be a costly walkabout for Cobb.

Later that gray November day, Cobb and Dutton were arrested by sheriff’s deputies and charged with seven counts of terrorizing. They were held without bail in the Mercer County Jail. Cobb refused to eat, and about a week later he was taken to a state hospital for a mental health evaluation.

No word on the results.



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