Pork-greased bullets from a new group that calls itself Jihawg.

Sausage, pork chop, or bacon greased, when will these people learn that pork unknowingly ingested by Muslims does not condemn them according to the Koran.

Anywhoo, this article was definitely good for a laugh. That anyone or any organization can build a business that coats pig fat on bullets and does not expect that to alter the composition of the bullets, is sad.

In the end, the only winners in this is the company that will get rich on people’s hate and ignorance.


2nd Company Begins Selling Bullets Coated with Pork to Fight Muslims

by Ryan Lenz on June 26, 2013

The advertising pitch says it all: “Put some Ham in MoHAMed.”

Jihawg Ammunition, based in Dalton Gardens, Idaho, has recently begun selling bullets laced with a pork coating, promising “patriot” gun owners that the bullets “will strike fear into the hearts of those bent upon hate, violence and murder.”

Consumption of pork is forbidden in Islam. The idea behind the bullets is that a Muslim hit by them would be desecrated and unable to go to heaven.

This isn’t the first time Hatewatch has heard claims of pork-coated bullets from Muslim-bashing profiteers. In May 2011, we reported on a company called Silver Bullet Gun Oil, which said it had produced for sale a gun oil laced with pork fat. In that case, the creator openly affirmed the offensiveness of his product. “It is designed as an affront to an entire belief structure,” the business owner told Hatewatch at the time.

A request to Jihawg Ammunition for comment today was not immediately answered.


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