The Cherokee Nation’s Baby Girl Goes on Trial

The Supreme Court’s hearing about the Indian Child Welfare Act last week had everything to do with tribal sovereignty.

Aura Bogado explains why.

The News Media’s Public Disservice in Boston

In moments like these, people make assumptions. Sally Kohn says it becomes all the more important for media to challenge those assumptions and keep our prejudices in check.

Also: The Tangled Meanings—and Misuses—of ‘Radicalization’

Watch 70K People Tell The New York Times to Drop The I-Word

Jay Smooth produced a video of the action at the New York Times building this week.

Mapping the Backlash Against High-Stakes Testing [Infographic] Public school parents, educators and now even lawmakers around the country are fed up with standardized testing that can determine whether kids graduate, teachers lose their jobs, and schools remain open. Here’s a visual survey of major actions.

‘;Environmental Justice’ Soldiers On Without a King, Queen—or Major Dollars With the defeat of Big Green on climate-change, community-based, grassroots groups led by people of color are creating a blueprint for actual change. The EJ response to Superstorm Sandy is Exhibit A.

UC Irvine Asian-American Frat’s Awful Blackface Video As Bad As It Sounds Members of UC Irvine’s Asian-American fraternity Lambda Theta Delta put their racial ignorance on display last week when they released a video of a student wearing blackface.

Over 100 Chicago Students Boycott Standardized Test to Protest School Closures On Wednesday a hundred Chicago student activists angry about the city’s plans to shut down dozens of public high schools boycotted state standardized tests to send a message to the district.

Will the Courts Block Deferred Action? Keep Calm and Apply For DACA On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in Dallas indicated he was likely to block President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process.

Oscars Academy Just Might Be Getting More Latino Members Members of the National Latino Media Council recently met with representatives of the Academy to discuss ways in which to increase Latino representation amongst members of the Academy.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj Takes on CNN’s Boston Manhunt Coverage The video mocks some of the false reporting and makes references to some of real-life results that resulted from the “dark-skinned” misinformation.

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