It’s Bigger Than Adria Richards

Have you heard of Adria Richards? She’s the black woman fired from her job for calling out white males making sexist jokes at a tech conference.

Jamilah King offers a primer for how you can prepare yourself for racist and sexist Internet attacks—mind, body and soul.

Video Exclusive: David Floyd on Why He Sued NYPD caught up with David Floyd, the man who put his name on the biggest stop-and-frisk suit around. In this short video he tells Jay Smooth why he put himself on the line.

The Trouble With Justin Timberlake’s Appropriation of Black Music

Lots of people want ‘The 20/20 Experience.’ Jamilah King explains.

10 Powerful Images of Protesters at This Week’s Gay Marriage Hearing
Supporters of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples have been outside of the court to witness what could precipitate historic changes in how LGBT couples are treated under the law.

To Chinua Achebe, With Love
In honor of the Nigerian “Things Fall Apart” author who died last week, scholar-activists Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam capture the power—and joy—of Chinua Achebe in a new comic strip.

Immigration Reform May Throw Siblings Under the Bus
For brothers and sisters waiting for family visas, the way some lawmakers hope to fix it could make things even worse.

Number of Asian and Latino Writers for TV Are Up
The Writers Guild of America, West released a report that found the number of T.V. writers of color has doubled since the millennium.

Hundreds Sign Petition Asking Rick Ross to Apologize for Rape Lyric
Rapper Rick Ross may think that rape is something to brag about, but the rest of the sane world doesn’t.

George Zimmerman’s Brother Says His Twitter Tirade Was ‘A Mistake’
Earlier this week George Zimmerman’s brother shared a picture on Twitter that compared Trayvon Martin and one of two teenagers accused in the recent fatal shooting of a 13-month-old boy in a coastal Georgia town.

Will Smith Says He Turned Down the Role of ‘Django’ Because He ‘Needed To Be the Lead’ 
When Quentin Tarantino’s western revenge-fantasy ‘Django Unchained’ was first announced, casting rumors pegged Will Smith as the titular slave-turned-vigilante.

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