Florida’s School-to-Prison Pipeline Is Largest in the Nation

As talking back to your teacher increasingly leads to misdemeanor criminal charges, experts say the arrests have lifelong consequences.

Julianne Hing looks at the startling numbers.

Marco Rubio’s Impossible Task: Make Racism Palatable to Latinos

The young senator hews closely to the GOP’s far right on nearly every issue. Seth Freed Wessler reports.

SOTU: The Simple Truth Is You Can’t Have Growth and Austerity at Once

Be a Valentine’s Day Foodie for Justice

If you love food, and if you love people, Saru Jayaraman’s new book wants you to help ensure the sustainability of both by taking a look into restaurant workers’ lives.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Drones in the U.S. The devices are being used in some very unsettling ways to track U.S. citizens on American soil.

Storytelling Across the Fluid Cultural Borders of the Americas Novelist Daniel Alarcón says his Spanish-language show, Radio Ambulante, aims to “question how stories get told, and who tells them.”

Another Black Ex-LAPD Cop Writes Manifesto, Says He Understands Dorner Joe Jones says he didn’t find it unusual to hear of a situation like Dorner’s in which “a rookie, African-American officer’s case against a senior white officer was met with disbelief and rejection by the department and court system.”

Jose Antonio Vargas Schools Senate Immigration Hearing: We’re Not ‘Alien People From Mars’ At one point Vargas just had to break it down for the committee made up of 18 members and remind them immigrants aren’t “alien people from Mars.”

Not Loving It: Young Students Forced to Go to McDonalds for WiFi After Libraries Close Advocates say with black and Latino kids already at high risk for obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, many children are trading their health for Internet access.

Kobe Bryant Corrects Fan for Using Anti-Gay Slur on Twitter Remember when Kobe Bryant called an NBA referee an anti-gay slur in 2011? Well, he’s a changed man.

Family Creates Personal PSA to Encourage Adopting ‘Not So Little Newborn’ Foster Kids In the past decade, more older children have become available for adoption, experts say. Take a look at this family’s personal public service announcement.


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