An Empire State of Mind Has Shaped This Election–and Our Lives

The president is in the fight of his political life because he never broke the culture and economy of entitlement on Wall Street. Whomever wins Tuesday, writes Imara Jones, that’s the change we need most desperately.

The Tea Party Will Still Run the States, No Matter Who Wins the Presidency

Far right symbolism may have receded, but thanks to redistricting, tea party politics will dominate state legislatures for some time to come. Seth Freed Wessler reports.

Honoring Ancestors, Loved Ones as We Celebrate Day of the Dead

Watch as Jorge Rivas joins the celebration in Los Angeles and asks participants to explain what the traditional Mexican holiday means to them.

Florida Early Voters Show Up in Huge Numbers Despite Suppression Effort For two years, Florida’s tea party Republicans have been working to undo the huge turnout of black voters on the Sunday before Election Day. It didn’t work.

A Personal Take on the Nina Simone Biopic’s Casting Troubles The unauthorized biopic of Nina Simone has been riddled with criticism for casting Mary J. Blige and, most recently, Zoe Saldana in the starring role. Here, an (admittedly sentimental) argument for why it’s a fail.

Maryland Readies for Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on Early Voting Early voting is critical to the black vote, but with two fewer days in Maryland’s early voting schedule, it could have far-reaching effects on the state’s future.

Romney Campaign Airs Spanish-Language Ad Linking Obama to Castro and Hugo Chavez The Romney campaign released an ad that links President Barack Obama with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro’s family and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Sergio Romo, SF World Series Champ, Declares: ‘I Just Look Illegal’ San Francisco Giants’ Sergio Romo, who threw the series-winning last strikeout in the 2012 World Series against the Detroit Tigers, strode through the city during the team’s celebratory victory parade today wearing a t-shirt with the words: “I just look illegal.”

Did Giants’ Sergio Romo Call Out the DREAM Act in His Victory Speech? This might be a stretch but the pause before Romo said “drrrream” may mean something.

Northeast Tribal Lands Hit Hard by Hurricane Sandy Tribal lands in the northeast are still assessing their damage but it’s clear they’ll need both federal and non-governmental agencies to help in response and recovery efforts.

Rapper Jasiri X’s New Video Calls Out This Election’s Silence on Poverty Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X’s new music video for the song “Don’t Forget About The Hood” looks at how issues about the poor and those living in poverty have been “forgotten” this election season.

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