In Virginia, 350K Would-Be Voters Wait for Democracy’s Slow Return

Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell is restoring the voting rights of more formerly incarcerated residents than any previous administration. And it’s still a drop in the bucket.

Investigative reporter Brentin Mock uncovers the story.

Janet Mock on the Freedom of Telling Her Own Story

Join us and editor Janet Mock at Facing Race 2012, a
gathering of racial justice thinkers and culture makers, in Baltimore, Nov.
15-17. Register now

The Associated Press’ Developing, Conflicted Policy on the I-Word

The AP’s policy updates are hopeful, because they articulate all of the evidence necessary to stop calling people “illegal.” Monica Novoa reports.

Food Stamp Bashing, Race, and the Bipartisan Attack on the Safety Net The GOP is winning the rhetorical war on poverty because Obama’s afraid to talk about race. And the results could be disastrous for millions of families.

José Antonio Vargas: ‘You Know Someone Undocumented’ The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who’s become one of the nation’s most high profile immigration reform advocates talks to Rinku Sen about his journey.

Dignity Beyond Voting: Undocumented Immigrants Cast Their Hopes Long locked out of the front door to the electoral process, undocumented immigrants are creating a window of opportunity.

Ohio University Students Warn Against Making a Racist Fool of Yourself This Halloween A group of college students in Ohio has taken it upon themselves to school their schoolmates on racist Halloween costumes.

Is Apple’s New iPad Mini Product Video the First to Include More Than Just White Guys? It appears that the iPad mini product video released Tuesday, for the first time, prominently included someone who wasn’t a white male.

Anonymous Funder Pulls ‘Voter Fraud’ Billboards Rather Than Reveal Itself The anonymous funder of more than 140 threatening billboards in black and Latino neighborhoods across Ohio and Wisconsin has chosen to take down the ads rather than identify itself.

Romney Family Invests in ‘Faulty’ Voting Machines That Will Be Used in Ohio It’s clear Ohio will be the decider of the election, and this is a story worth following closely.

Top Row, Third From Left: Most Adorable Obama with Kids Photo Ever The president is seen hanging out with a group of children sitting on bleachers but a young boy sitting at the top “photobombed” the picture and stole the show.

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