The Difference Between Equity and Binders Full of Anybody

Mitt Romney turned a question about equal pay into one about diversity hiring. There’s a difference, explains Rinku Sen, and understanding it is crucial to achieving justice for all.

Also: Akiba Solomon on Violent Single Moms, Flex Pay and Other Odd Debate Moments

How Native Voters Are Routinely Disenfranchised in Arizona

A cascading series of voting rights violations  stand in the way of democracy. Aura Bogado reports from Apache County.

Jeff Chang on Hope, Change and How Culture Can Shape Politics

Join us and the celebrated hip-hop author at Facing Race 2012, a gathering of racial justice thinkers, advocates and culture makers, in Baltimore, Nov. 15-17. Register now.

Who Are Those “Gangbangers” Obama’s So Proud of Deporting? President Obama used a new word during the presidential debate on Tuesday night to describe the masses of immigrants he’s deported during his tenure.

Romney Cares About All Immigrant Children, But Only After They Join the Military Leave it to an undecided U.S. voter to force Mitt Romney to do what journalists have been struggling to do for months—pin down his immigration agenda.

The Scary, Familiar Way Romney Would Shrink the Food Stamp Rolls There are a shocking 47 million people getting the benefit. But the Romney plan for reducing that number isn’t about reducing the need.

Romney Uses the Term ‘Undocumented Illegals’ in Debate “Self-deportation” questions aside, the GOP hopeful’s immigration language raiseed eyeborows.

Is True the Vote Shaking Down States With Nuisance Lawsuits? The battered group’s poll watching “army” is on the retreat, but is it now trying to cash in through harassing state election officials?

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Woman Starts Native American Fashion Magazine Kelly Holmes says she founded “Native Max” magazine after getting tired of thumbing through issues of “Seventeen” or “Vogue” and not seeing models that look like her.

White Students in Blackface Reenact Chris Brown-Rihanna Fight The skit was performed in the school gym in front students, parents, and faculty.

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