The War on Women and Its Consequences

Poor and uninsured women of color are starting to feel the results after two years of relentless attacks on family planning infrastructure. Akiba Solomon reports from Texas.

INFOGRAPHIC: Who gets hurt when family planning gets cut.

How Diversity Trumped Equity—and May Kill Affirmative Action

As the Supreme Court weighs the latest effort to end affirmative action, Julianne Hing explores how the core rationale got lost in decades of legal wrangling.

Affirmative Action’s Fate May Turn on Defining ‘Critical Mass’ of Diversity

Victor Goode follows Wednesday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court, where the pressing question was how one knows when there’s enough diversity.

What Lupe Fiasco’s Brand Of Hip-Hop Says About Our Political Culture
His outspoken politics aren’t all that surprising. But they’re unique at a time when hip-hop’s afraid to be too confrontational.

The Real Audience for ‘Won’t Back Down’ May Not Have Been Moviegoers
The movie has been a box office flop. But backers of the controversial “parent trigger” school reform movement have a powerful new organizing tool.

Ava DuVernay Presents Prison’s New Math in ‘Middle of Nowhere’
The award-winning director talks to about her latest film and her proudest moments.

Are True the Vote’s Poll Watching Activities Illegal?
Rep. Elijah Cummings and legal experts say if they are targeting people of color, a court could find True the Vote operations unlawful.

A Swing State Disenfranchises Its Poor Electorate
Our community journalist Kate Sedinger chimes in from Nevada, where public service agencies are accused of not providing their clients with registration forms.

Stacey Dash Defends Mitt Romney Endorsement on CNN
After taking heat, the black actress explains, “It’s because of the state of the country.”

Watch the Only Known Recording of NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk in Action
The New York Police Department conducts more than 1,800 stop-and-frisks each day.

Junot Díaz, Louis Erdrich Among National Book Award Nominees
Another big week for our Facing Race 2012 keynote speaker.Register now to join Díaz Colorlines and hundreds of racial justice thinkers in Baltimore, Nov. 15-17.

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